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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to APA Citation Format
Adding to the nightmares of students while preparing an academic essay or thesis or term paper, the jitters are real when you have no formal guidance in Citation formats or several formats to acknowledge sources from where one picks up matter from as reference or an available framework theory.

A student is just supposed to know. Well, if you don’t, we are here to help you out in filling up the ‘References’ page of your essay or thesis.
One of the several citation formats used around the world to quote or refer within the academic curriculum, is the APA Citation format. Advocated by the American Psychological Association (So, that’s where the name comes from!), APA Citations and APA in text Citations aren’t another tough nut to crack. The APA in text Citations advocate the use of the Authors’ Last Names or Surnames only along with the year the work was published separated by a comma. For example, if the author is J. K. Rowling and the year her work was published was 2001, the in-text citation should look like this:
(Rowling, 2001).
If the work referred to has been written by two authors the in-text citation would look like the following:
(Rowling & Trowling, 2001).
If there are several authors, then: (Rowling et al, 2001).
There are many APA Citation Generators available online, tools with web-based algorithms, that can organize your references in the APA format when you enter certain information about the work you are referring to. Many of these websites have automatic search options that one can use to format the references as per necessity. However, there are several glitches too and sometimes these automatic search ensembles fail. In such a case you can just shift to manually entering the data required and your problem will be solved. Some of the APA Citation Generators that are widely used by students and academicians all around the world are as follows:
1) Citation Machine (citationmachine.net/apa) 2) Cite This For Me (citethisforme.com/citation-generator/apa) 3) Citation Producer (citationproducer.com/apa-citation/) 4) Citefast (/www.citefast.com/?s=APA)

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