Best Printable Calendar

Printable 2018 Hand Lettered Calendar from Delineate Your Dwelling:

Delineate Your Dwelling has created this lovely hand-lettered calendar for 2018 that’s yours to print and keep for free.
This understated calendar has beautifully hand-lettered months and provides you with a monthly calendar view.

There’s also a place for notes on the bottom of each page.
It downloads as a PDF file which lets you print one month on each page.
Printable Calendar for 2018 from Short Stop Designs:

Short Stops Designs has created this 2018 printable calendar which will keep you in style all year around.
Each month of the free calendar has a fun design included dots, leaves, stripes, and more all in vibrant colors. There’s room for you to write on each day, as well as space at the bottom for notes and to do’s.
The calendar can conveniently be downloaded in portrait or landscape page orientation and prints off one month per page.
Free, Printable Monthly Calendar from Landeelu:

The free, printable calendar for 2018 from Landeelu is sure to keep you organized this year.
This calendar has colorful tabs in green, gray, orange, red, yellow, blue, pink, and purple on the upper-right hand corner of each page that calls out the month. The gray grid and days of the week also make it really look sharp.
At the bottom of each month’s calendar, there’s a place to write in monthly goals or to-dos.
Each month prints on its own page and it’s all together in one quick and easy PDF download. There are portrait and landscape calendar available for download depending on your preference.
2018 Printable Calendar from This Little Street:

You’ll love this free, printable 2018 calendar from This Little Street. Each monthly page is designed with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations in gorgeous colors that represent each month.
With a single click, you’ll have the whole calendar downloaded and ready to print. The monthly pages print out as a generous 8×10 size, making it a great choice for a wall calendar that would look lovely anywhere in your home.
Monthly Printable Calendar for 2018 from Colorful Disaster:

Colorful Disaster has designed a free printable calendar for 2018 that features splashes of watercolors and inspirational quotes that will inspire you to conquer and enjoy the month. Beautiful blues, greens, pinks, yellows, oranges, and purples seem to almost jump off the paper with quotes like “Happiness looks gorgeous on you” and “Be a voice, not an echo.”

This free calendar can be downloaded as a PDF file. It prints out to be 5X7, with one month on each page.

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