Latest Hollywood Gossip!?

We all know what gossip means; idle talk or rumour about others personal affairs. It has grown much bigger nowadays but it has stayed the same because rumours are just rumours and people talk about things they’ve heard or seen and make a big deal out of it even though it might not be. People gossip at workplaces, with friends during spare time, to gain attention, cause problems or just meaningless talk.

Before cell phones and cameras, internet, the gossip columnists were relying on fax machines and landline. During the early 20th century magazines, instead of writing about movies and all about that, the magazines started to turn their attention to the people playing in the movies, the actors, starting off with smaller questions as “How does she keep her skin looking healthy?” or “Is he married?” and so it escalates. Later in the 50s and 60s magazines were more willing to report on celebrity gossip and gossip magazines became very popular and had many competitors.

Now celebrity gossip, especially holywood gossip has blown over ever since phones, cameras, social media and internet itself has gotten quite big and normal in once everyday life. There are so many websites about celebrities, their biography, their life, scandals, gossip and not only are they all over the internet but they are also seen on radio, tv, commercials and magazines. Social media, a place where you can just snap a simple picture post it and it can be talked and blow way out of proportion, even when it might just have a simple explanation for it.

The media can cause harm direct and indirect, there could be celebrities that would prefer a more private life and can get very hurt when the media puts you on the spot about your private life, as a human being that can be very tough. There can be times where celebrities have children and the attention can be turned towards their children because of their parents being celebrities or their parents doing something scandalous and their children have to live with that and the whole world knowing. Celebrities should be more careful about what they post and say on social media and in general unless attention is wanted.
What would you do if you where a hollywood celeb?

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