Consider to subscribe to a new magazine?
Magazines are printed or published online (online magazine) and are most often published regularly, on a schedule. These magazines contain different contents, fashion, facts, or advertisement, really anything. They can be bought in a regular bookstore or newsstand, by paid subscription that gets sent to your mail regularly or un-paid magazines that are usually given out on the streets as advertisement.

Now the earliest example of magazines was from Germany in 1663 and was a literary and philosophy magazine. In London, the first magazine that people were interested in was in 1731, The editor( Edward Cave) of the magazine The Gentlemen’s Magazine was the first one to use the term “magazine”. There were magazines for both men and woman, one that were for woman was The Ladies Mercury (1693) and is the first woman magazine in Britain, it was mostly about love and relationship. It was only published for four weeks and since it was made by a man, John Dunton and was the first magazine that was made for woman, it is remembered. A bit later after this, women’s magazines started to surface. For young adults, the magazine Seventeen was the first American magazine specifically for teenagers, published in 1944. The oldest magazine still publishing is The Scots Magazine, although it has had publishing gaps and change of ownership it is the oldest still publishing magazine today.

Magazines marketed to men today are for the most part, ´adult´ magazines, gadget, fitness and health magazines and a bit of fashion. women magazines today leans mostly towards fashion, makeup, celebrity and entertainment. Popular magazines today are: Cosmopolitan, Vouge, Vanity Fair, Us Weekly, People, The New Yorker, The Atlantic, National Geographic and Men’s Health magazine. Magazines comes and goes, today there are thousands of magazines all around the world that will inspire, educate and entertain people no matter your interest. With the amount of variety of content magazines offer, there will always be something that could entertain or inspire you.

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