IP Address

Why and where to check your IP Address
Internet protocol address, (IP Address) is a numerical address for each computer or device connected to a network.
An ip address can be a host ip address or a location ip address. There are the old ipv4 32 bits ip addresses, but
since there where too few addresses, ipv6, 128 bits) was developed to fit the needs.
So an ip address is unique to a device or network.

You might want to check what is my ip address, because of a few reasons.
Does your device display the correct ip address? Or is it under control by some other network?
If you use a vpn, virtual private network, you might want to hide your ip address. So by using
Any check my ip address service you can see if if it shows the correct ip address or not.
If you enter a USA ip address and the check ip address service says, United Kingdom, there is something wrong.
We recommend you use several ip address services to compare what are their results. It will be more
accurate that way!
Here are some ways to trace and detect your internet IP Address.

Use a website like ip-address-lookup.com and you will automatically be displayed your ip address free.
Use a iptracker from Googleplay and download their ip address trace app.
Check on your windows, by going to the conmmandprompt entering cmd and ipconfig
Type the question in your Google search and you will see they display your public IP address..

So its quite important to use different sources to lookup your IP address and you must of course have an idea
what is your ip address.
Good luck in tracing your IP address!

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