Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzle – a game made by pieces of wood or paper board. Pieces consist of a large picture of any kind. It’s a tiling game that have too many pieces and each piece contain a small part of that big picture.

The bid picture is of any kind like mountain or natural scenes or castles and any other famous thing. Firstly, jigsaw puzzle is basically painted a picture on a piece of wood and then cut it into pieces with jigsaw (the cutting tool) jigsaw puzzles produced in 1760 on maps to teach the geography and later on in 1800s cardboard jigsaw appear but its slow to replace the wooden jigsaws. Now a day’s jigsaw puzzle available made with paper. Card sheet so on. You can find jigsaw puzzle on your computer and mobile phone too. The advantage of computer puzzle game is there is no chance to lost any piece of puzzle and more advance jigsaws introduced in market like spherical jigsaws and puzzle of optical illusions.
Jigsaw puzzle game is a peaceful, cheap and recyclable entertainment. If you are little upset this game provide you a mind re building. in great depression jigsaw puzzles useful for you.
Jigsaw puzzle also use for promotion of any product and advertisement that customer complete that puzzles and product being promoted. during recent years, a range of jigsaw puzzle accessories including boards, cases, frames and roll-up mats has become available that are designed to assist jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts. Most modern puzzles are made out of paperboard since they are easier and cheaper to mass-produce than the original wooden models.
An enlarged photograph or printed reproduction of a painting or other two-dimensional artwork is glued onto the cardboard before cutting. The board is fed up into a cutter and the cutter cuts them into desired shapes. Now laser cutting use to cut the jigsaw puzzle in any shape any kind or in any numbers.

Jigsaw puzzles come in any size. It may have consisted on 300 to 40,000 pieces. Many puzzles are termed “fully interlocking”. This means that adjacent pieces are connected in such a way that if one piece is moved horizontally, the other pieces move with it, preserving the connection. Sometimes the connection is tight enough to pick up a solved part by holding one piece. jigsaw puzzles are square, rectangular, or round, with edge pieces that have one side that is either straight or smoothly curved to create this shape, plus four corner pieces if the puzzle is square or rectangular. In short Jigsaw puzzle game is prove very cooperative to relax the mood of depressed person and helps to remove the anxiety.

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