Wish Now!

To want; desire; long for is the definition of
WISH! or is the real definition, wish shopping online? Wish.com 🙂
What do you wish in life? Is it love, happenings, shopping 24/7 online,
peace, health, things and products, money, a job, friendship, or just
a hobby? Shopping with online stores apps does not count 😉

Whatever your wishes are, you should first consider if it is your inner will
that wish for the stuff you seem to want.
I think you will soon see my point.
Is it really things and physical products that makes you happy
and fulfill your dreams in life for long term? Sometimes it may seem so,
but how many times has it not been a fading feeling of a new product getting old
and more distant from your real wishes and you wish for new physical products?
Take for example, when you have been longing for that brand new cell phone and you wish
to go shopping for it now. You dream, dream and dream and when you finally get it
here is where the stair down to nothing starts. I think many things you buy online
is not your real wish, it is a substitute because you could not find any stimulation
in other parts of your life. You simply buy stuff to fill the emptiness!
Can it be so? Of course one would want to appear properly or niched with sometimes
having new clothing or upgrade your room with apparels.
Speaking about wish, there is an online store called Wish that sells all possible
goods, shoes, bags, clothing, jewellery etc. They even have promo codes so that
you could go shopping for even more!
So erase that shopping app and start your new life now!
I wish!

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