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Read these weather forecasts before traveling

Bad weather is enough to whirl away all the charms of a beautiful l trip. It explains a lot that weather can totally turn a smooth journey in troubled one. A rainy weather makes driving much difficult and snowfall makes it even worse. Therefore, it’s an intelligent thing to check weather forecasts before traveling.

Weather forecasts have become more authentic due to latest technologies and satellite-based forecasting systems. Here are described some best weather forecasts applications and websites.
• Accu Weather:
As its name denotes that it is a website that provides Accurate Weather information. Accu weather is one of the most read weather forecasts and an authentic source of weather for the cast on the web. You can check Accu Weather and put in the location and get extensive and updated forecast of weather. You can get the forecast on the bases of hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Moreover, this website contains a lot of updated weather news and warnings about severe weather. Moreover, Accu weather brings tips and helpful articles with short informative videos. For these tips you can vis, it (
The Weather Channel, highlights the latest and updated weather-related news and posts on its home page, with stories and posts about some trending national weather events as well as some other good topics like travel and health which can be weather related. It helps many travelers to check the weather before starting journey. a The weather tab on the top of the page is your easy access to local, national and severe weather-related information, as well as some weather alerts and safety tips. Weather-related videos are also part of content provided by this website.
• National Weather Service:
National Weather Service is a service offered by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration which keeps track of all-weather statistics of the United States and keep people updated with weather forecasts and warnings about severe weather. This website has a United States Map divided into small regions to provide people with more accurate region-specific weather information. You can click each region to know complete weather forecast on hourly, daily and weekly basis. It also shows temperature with rainfall, snowfall and flood alerts.
• Weather Underground:
It is another favorite website that can help in knowing weather forecasts and weather-related news. Website provide updated videos, content, warnings and tips as well. Weather Underground also provides region-specific weather forecast on the hourly basis and full forecast.
• Yahoo Weather:
Yahoo Weather is a weather forecast service provided by the Yahoo which is well-known email service provider and news website as well. Yahoo weather also provides detailed weather forecast to its users.

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