Pink! The Best?

When we think of the color pink in general, cute, feminine and baby might be the first thing that comes to mind. That it’s a color for girls, for baby showers and gender revels. It’s very rarely pink is marketed for men or that mens clothing is in pink compared to women clothing.

Its very clear in newborn and toddlers clothing that boys are in blue, green and cool tone colors while for girls it’s lighter colors such as pink purple orange and then theres the small amount of neutral colors for newborns such as white, grey, black and brown. There’s no right or wrong to wear clothing of any color or style, but usually the pink is marketed for girls and blue for boys.

If you’re a fan of pink clothing there are a few fictional tv characters that wears a lot of pink such as Carrie Underwood in Sex and The city, she loves fashion and likes to dress herself in pink, Elle Woods in Legally Blonde loves everything pink. Theres also Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty whom wears a dress in pink as well as many other animated and anime characters that either is pink, wear it or loves the color.

Pink, can give away many expressions and portray many emotions and feelings. Wearing pink clothing can make one look innocent and youthful especially if it’s a “baby pink” while a darker, vibrant pink could be received as being tougher. In general pink clothing can awaken strong reactions positive and negative. some think it is a color that shows no responsibility and naïvety while other believe it shows the opposite. In the end the color you wear should be one that feels the most comfortable.

Besides placing gender to a color and pink sending different expressions. When thinking of pink clothing Kawaii comes to mind, it is a little hard to explain. It is a culture based mostly in Japan and is recognizable by the pastel colors pink, purple yellow and blue in clothing, hair, makeup and decorations in rooms. Everything is mostly cute, dreamy because of the colors even though in the subculture yumikawaii meaning mental illness, with pastel and cuteness and the contrast with a very dark undertone to it surrounding depression, anxiety and suicide, such as having a gun in pink or pink pastel clothes with a dark quote or picture.

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