Search Engines

A search engine helps the users to find contents of their choice through the World Wide Web. Google is the main source of presenting sites with the help of search engines. New web contents are useless without search engines.
If you want to rank your new site on Google, you need to have a web search engine that is done with the use of specific keywords. Web search engine plays an important role which is:
• It helps masses to find new sites,
• Store the content and
• Find contents which are related to the keyword you searched.
You might be unaware of the search engine that how it helps to rank your new site?
In this article, you will find information related to this.
Few years before, you only need to put some specific keywords a few times throughout the content and create links to rank your web pages. You created a well-ranked content by doing these two steps simply. But now the competition is tough, and you can’t rank your website by simply applying these two tricks. You need to use search engines to rank your webpage.
A search engine is actually a tool which shows results of a keyword which buyer chooses to search. When the user browses for something on Google, a search engine helps to show the most relevant results related to his search. Examples of search engines are Google and Yahoo search etc.
You might be confused about how the search engine actually work? It works in a very different way in which robots or spiders will search the site and look at the pages; then it makes a list of the sites by gathering all the information from them.
First of all the crawler visits the pages of the web which are best suitable for the searched keyword with the help of hypertext links on every page so that it can be found easily.
The spider visits the pages in a very fast manner such as it can gather information from a hundred pages in a second. Secondly, the algorithm will make a list of pages that are visited and then give you all the pages that are relevant to the keyword. The information it gathers can be in the form of search web contents, videos, audios or files.
If you want to create a search engine optimization store, you need to edit the following elements:

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