What is webmail actually?
Webmail works in the presence of proper internet connections in which you can read and send emails through browsing. If the internet is available, he can read and receive new emails otherwise he is unable to receive new emails without internet connections.
Webmail providers include examples such as Gmail, hotmail.com, etc. The emails are stored on the servers of Gmail etc. the server stores it for you, and if you want to delete them, you can do it as well.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of webmail?
The main advantage of web-based email is you can access to email (Send and read any incoming or outgoing messages) no matter where you are, all you need is a proper internet connection.

The disadvantage is you can’t access to receive or read new messages without internet connections which mean if you have an important email to receive and you have internet connections, that troubles a lot.

How you receive emails through webmail?
You can have easy access to your emails through webmail when you connect to the internet. Then you have to log into your email account, and it will show the emails from the servers where the messages are saved.

Difference between Webmail and Email client:
Email is further categorized into secure webmail and email clients, so it’s up to you which one you want to use. If you want to access both of them, the method for both isn’t the same.
The main difference between email clients and webmail clients is email clients can be easily accessible through your pc where the clients send the emails to the central server, and then they are sent to the targeted email ids.

The emails are saved on your personal computer so you can have fast access to them through webmail even you don’t have an internet connection. The web-based email is accessed by searching it from the website; then you can read the messages if you have an internet connection.

Examples of web-based emails are Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo mail. So the Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo mail accounts you are using are actually the webmail provider’s accounts. Some other famous webmail are cox webmail, shaw webmail 1&1 webmail, Godaddy webmail, Earthlink webmail.

So, webmail is the best one to use because you can get more advantages as compared to its disadvantages.

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