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A freelancer is generally referred to those who doesn’t have a “real” job and that is not accurate. Freelancer is a term used for a person that is self-employed, a person pursuing a profession without a long-term commitment to one employer. There are many reasons why companies seek freelance writers, marketers, designers. It takes less office space, fewer taxes and no healthcare. Many people either own a business or would like to in the future.

Here are a few good tips on starting a freelancing business and get freelance jobs.
First off, set a clear goal. Take time to define your goal and understand why you want to start a freelancing business. Do you want ta earn extra money on the side? Eventually become a full-time freelancer? Or for a totally different reason? Do you want to become a freelancer developer, writer, designer? Once you’ve defined a clear goal you can move forward with the goal.

Find your niche and do take your time to find the right one for your business. Choose jobs that will interest you and do not compete in price as a freelancer, at least in the beginning. Compete in quality than price there’s a lot of competition in the industry and someone will always be willing to pay lesser than you. Keep working on your skills until you can charge for more. The freelancing income has to reach a good level, until you can quit your day job without stressing about money, if you want to pursue freelancing full-time.

Make a high quality portfolio. This way clients can see your work, style, companies you’ve previously worked with. This is the way to sell yourself on why you’re the right person for the work. For a great portfolio, list contact information and show your personality, highlight skills and accomplishments, display examples of your work and update regularly by publishing content.

Choose your clients carefully, attract the right clients for your business. After working with some clients you’ll start sensing whether or not to pursue with similar clients. By narrowing down to the clients you work best with will help you in the long run. Remember to set strategic prices for your services, determining how to reach your income goal, don’t charge too far above your value but also don’t undervalue your work.

It is important to remember that your day job is your sole income and is your first priority. Starting a freelancing business while working a full-time job is a good way to test it out, self employment without stressing about income. It’s also a way to earn extra money, developing your skills, practicing, discovering your strength and just learn more in general.
Is it time for you to get freelance jobs? Maybe freelance writing?

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