Baby Names

Names! Specifically baby names is one of the most important choice expecting parents has to make and it might be very difficult to find the perfect baby name for your child, there are so many to choose from and a lot of opinions. What should you think about before settling for a baby name?

A name can have both famous and unpleasant association such as Adolf, the name has been used way less because many doesn’t want to associate their own child to that historical person, so making sure there’s no unpleasant associations to the name for your baby is something to keep in mind the same goes for famous names, most people don’t want to associate with anyone because of a famous name or song lyric that someone can make fun of.

Another thing to think about, is the name popular? Overly popular name such as the boy names Mason, Oliver, John and David and girl names such as Emma, Isabella, Jennifer and Olivia are very beautiful names but the chance of other children having the same name is also higher, but if that possibility is okay for you then go for it. There are many girl names and boy names out there but there’s also gender neutral names such as Alex, Erin, August, Sky and Eli that you might consider naming your child. Different and unique names might be a tempting choice but edgier names usually work better as middle names or perhaps as a nickname. Unique names has its trend, names such as Draven, Gauge, Jacinta and Ara are some unusual and rare names. Do think about the spelling and pronunciation of the name too, it’s usually better to keep the spelling simple. What is also important is the name to fit the baby and their personality, choose a name that feels right.

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