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Keyboard Shortcuts For You
Rigorous work commitments can make anyone look for ways to complete them on time. A great deal of work does require smart ways to get done. So what if you’re an office-goer or a student? Both would want to finish their task on time. Since a lot of work is done on computers, one must be well versed in this area to be quick with the device.

And for those who have to deal with computers every day, like the office-goers or students, it is important that they know how the computer functions and what keyboard shortcuts to use to finish their work on time. This is precisely why keyboard shortcuts are so necessary and are required to be remembered. These tricks don’t only allow you to do your work quickly but also save you so much time spent on hitting those extra keys.
Now that we know how important these shortcuts are, let’s have a look at some of the keyboard shortcuts for Mac and Windows .
Mac Keyboard Shortcuts :
Command + Tab
You can switch between various applications by using this keys combination. Start by holding down the “command” key and press the “Tab” to jump to different open applications.
Command + Spacebar
This helps you to immediately go to the search bar and look for files.
Command + Shift + V
This one helps you copy and paste anything without it’s previous formatting. This is the shortcut for the “Paste and Match Style”.
Command + Semicolon
This one is a savior to find out all the misspelled words in a document.
Command + Shift + 3
To take a screenshot of the full screen, all you have to do is use this shortcut. The screenshot will automatically save to your desktop .
Command + Delete
Enables you to move any selected item to the trash.
Command + Z
This shortcut is used to undo the previous action.
Command + Shift + Z
This is used to redo whatever was undone by using undo.
Command + Bracket
Command + left bracket takes you to the previous folder. Command + right bracket takes you to the next folder.
Shift + Control + Power Button
This enables you to put your desktop to sleep.
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts
Control + Shift + Escape
This shortcut opens the task manager for you.
Windows Key + F
Opens search for files and folders.
Control + N
This shortcut opens a new document in Word.
Control + F6
This one helps you navigate through different open windows.
Control + Enter
Adds the www. at the beginning and .com at the end of text entered in the address bar.
Control + D
This shortcut adds the current site to your favorites.

Stops downloading a page.
Windows + Break
This one is used to open the System Properties Dialogue Box
Windows + R
Opens the Run menu.
Windows + X
Shows you the shutdown options.

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