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A Video editor that Enchants
Popular Video Editing Software Capturing something on camera is an art. Capturing movements on camera again requires the flair that comes only with practice. Sometimes it is an art, that the eyes must notice and the camera must capture just at the right moment. What is then filmed and produced is in its raw form.

The person here might want to add and remove and enhance some parts of the video. A normal camera can’t fulfill these requirements. So what comes to rescue are the video editing software. Video editors are used by professionals to give their video that finishing touch that a normal camera might not. The alluring videos that we see are therefore the products of extensive editing that only video editors can accomplish. The tools available in these software can add something much to the video and make them worth watching. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular video editing software.
1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC:
A paid application but it’s worth spending a few bucks on it. The best application for Windows users and the ultimate video editing app for professionals. One can edit unlimited number of videos imported from any device. It also gives you access to features like multi-cam editing and 3-D editing.
2. Final Cut Pro X:
Mac users can find this one really handy. Users can edit unlimited number of videos and use features like multi-cam editing and intelligent color balancing .It comes with a 30 day free trial.
3. KineMaster:
Android users who want to do some serious editing can use this app. There are plenty of effects to choose from. Plus it’s free.
4. Adobe Premiere Rush:
You can have the best of Adobe on your mobile too. Yes. This app works both on Android and iOS. The features include In-app motion graphics and 4k support. Beginners can use the free trial before opting for the paid plan.
5. Pinnacle Studio 22:
Beginners will find this software really helpful. Works on Windows and gives you great results. The features include multi camera capture and editing, color controls and stop motion animation. It also has a 30-day free trial.

With so many options available, choose your favorite and experiment with editing. Make your videos more brilliant and give your audience a treat to the eyes. Good luck with your video editor!

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