MLA Format

Nailing the MLA Citation Format

It’s a nightmare for any student when it comes to acknowledging sources in an essay or thesis or any other academic work that will fetch marks. Acknowledging sources or citing sources as the layman would have you believe several kinds of works or academic curriculums require a student to be able to cite or acknowledge a source from where he or she has picked up a certain theory or example or reference in his or her own paper. From the available frameworks the MLA format Style is one of the most popular source citing styles that is in use today. Advocated by the Modern Language Association (Get that? MLA!), uses a two-part documentation system enclosed by pairs of parentheses.
As of 2019, the internet having become the answer to almost any kind of question in the world, it wouldn’t be a crime to use an online MLA format generator tool to create the source citations for your ‘References’ page. A simple google search on MLA format generator or MLA citation tool will cough up several tools which are readily available. These online tools and websites have pre-active algorithms which take in the data or information provided by you about the work you have had to refer to and then Lo and Behold! You get your citation organized in perfect MLA format.
All things sunny and sundry, there are some glitches to these algorithms as well but nothing that can’t be solved with the application of a little common sense of human origin. For example, if certain information isn’t found by their search options, they would take predefined null values in place of the desired information. A quick fix to such a problem would be to manually input the required information rather than using their automatic search. Some of the best MLA format generators that are being used by students all around the world with successful outcomes are as follows:
1) Citation Machine ( 2) Cite This For Me 3) Citation Producer ( 4) Cite 4 Me (
Most of these are simple and very user friendly. If you are looking for a simple and popularly used tool, we suggest going for Citation Machine whose interface allows you to manually enter the required information and in most cases it’s search engine already has a repository of most works used in academic frameworks owing to multitudes of web traffic that the website generates.

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