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Should you buy korean beauty products for the best skin care?
K beauty as it is also called are
cosmetic products produced in South Korea.
It is an historic tradition in Korea to use
only natural ingredients for make up and skin care.
Usually korean skin care focus on long term improvement
for your skin. so korean beauty and skin care products
are not a fast fix to cover up sick or bad skin.
Some common ingredients in k beauty are for example, Ginseng
licorice root, fermented rice water, and green tea.
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What brands are there on the korean beauty market?
For face, body and hands skin care, there are famous brands like Mamonde, Innisfree,
Laneige, Banila Sulwhasoo etc
Laneige is probably the most famous k beauty brand?
They line up products like water gel cream, anti aging cream, cleansers, serum, makeup
cleansing oil, sleeping mask, balancing skin refiner, moisturizers etc.

If you are serious about your looks and skin,
buy korean beauty online today!
They are usually also dermatologist recommended skin care products!
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