Primera Miracle Seed Essence 150ml


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Miraculous seed essence containing all the energy generated upon germination, creating radiant, glowing skin.

Product Features

The 3 secrets of tough lotus seeds revitalize your skin.
TEXTURE | Lotus seeds, known to be rich in linoleic acid and amino acid as natural moisturizing elements, fortify skin’s defense function and provide enough moisture to protect skin from the dry outside environment; thus creating smooth, moisturized skin texture.
TONE | Antioxidative activity is prevented with the high flavonoid and polyphenol contents of lotus seeds, suppressing the creation of active oxygen that is harmful to skin and purifying it.
TRANSPARENCY | Lotus seeds relieve troubles caused by environmental pollution, stress, and aging. They take care of skin to make it healthier and more radiant.
Creates soft, smooth skin and enhances flexibility.
Removes harmful substances from your skin while delivering effective substances quickly so that your skin reaches its optimum state for the absorption of the next products.
Dermatologist tested


One-time recommended usage: 2.5 ml

The gradations on the Miracle Seed Essence container help you check your daily amount (2.5 ml*twice a day).


After using toner, wet a cotton ball with the recommended one-time amount of 2.5 ml and apply to the face. Tap gently for absorption.

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