Metal detecting – what can you find?

A metal detector has many purposes such as safety, work and a hobby. A consumer metal detector consists of four parts: the shaft, stabilizer, control box and search coil. The shaft is often adjustable for a comfortable hold. The stabilizer is used to keep it steady and make it easier to sweep back and forth. The control box is where the controls are, speaker, batteries. The search coil is where it all happens, the part that senses the metal. This works by transmitting electromagnetic fields into the ground, any metal objects within this field will transmit an electromagnetic field of their own and by doing that the search coil receives it and gives you a signal.

A metal detector detects different metals, gold, silver, iron, aluminum, lead, bronze, they will not detect things like gemstones, bones or pearls. The bigger the search coil the deeper a metal detector can detect but it really depends on the technology, the soil, the size of the target, the shape of the target, how the target is laying and the material. High conductive metals can be detected deeper than low conducted metals. There are gold detectors that operate at a higher frequency to find gold where regular metal detectors usually operate on a lower frequency can still find gold but since gold has low conductive properties a real gold detecter can detect gold easier.

The Best metal detectors? There are many models with different features and there are many things to consider when buying a metal detector such as the prize, the size of the coil, the frequency. A beginners metal detector can cost around $100 dollars, a more professional detector can cost you around $500 dollars. But if money isn’t a problem there are metal detectors for over $8.000 dollars.

Before going out on an adventure with your metal detector you should bring extra batteries because often you’re out for awhile searching and extra batteries is useful. Digging tool like a spade to dig up what your metal detector found, and don’t forget to bring a bag for your treasures. If your a beginner consider going to a beach where its most likely you’ll find something like coins.