Best Maps Directions

Maps and directions have always been important for mankind.

Different voyagers and adventurers have used maps for many centuries and made valuable discoveries of the history such as the discovery of America and Australia.

All these discoveries were made using paper maps. Paper maps were helpful but not the optimal at giving best routes and directions. This remained a problem until the 20th century.
The 20th century has been the century of inventions, innovations, and novelty. The man has made amazing progress in the field of science and technology in that era. Global Positioning System(GPS) replaced the paper map with digital maps. These maps provide the user with optimized directions and routes between two places.
Many companies provide Map Direction services for free. However, there is always performance difference because each map directions company uses different algorithm to choose the best routes and directions between two places. Some of these prominent map direction companies are described here.
1: Google Maps:
Google is one of the rapidly progressing Information Technology firms of the current era. It is considered a company which has made rapid progress in a very short time span. Google has become one of the most dominant companies in the field of Information Technology. Maps service provided by the Google is called Google Maps. Google Maps is one of the most used online maps and direction service that covers almost all public roads of this world. Google Maps provide its users with Satellite view as well as Street view. Google Maps also provide its users with multipoint routes, live traffic, roadblocks, Transit, Bus stops, and railways. Another amazing feature of Google maps is its airways timing and railway timing services that make it a reasonable, valuable and complete package for anyone finding directions.
2: Apple Maps:
Apple Maps is the native application for Apple devices and iOS systems. Though it was not so popular at the beginning but because of improvements and optimal performance Apple Maps has become also a popular choice nowadays. Apple emphasizes on the user interface of the maps that is quite simple and useful.
3: Bing Maps:
Bing Maps is a part of Microsoft’s Bing suite and provides users with online maps and direction services. Bings Maps offer, satellite, Ariel and bird’s eye view from different angles and views. Bing Maps also give live traffic information for different roads and routes which make it more efficient and authentic.

4: Waze:
Waze, live map service gives its users more than a just live map. Its additional features add the social media elements in the maps. Its crowdsourcing services allow a user to get information provided by different drivers and travelers about different routes, roads, and directions which helps a person to choose best directions, not on the basis of distance only. Waze also brings entertainment in your journey and allows you to connect your Spotify account with Waze in order to listen to music from Spotify.

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