Bookstores is mostly part of a chain or a local independent bookstore. Bookstores offers hundreds to hundred thousands of books.

They also, very often sell magazines, cards, maps, stationary and newspaper but it varies depending on the bookstore. Book selling has become more advanced ever since the Internet with major websites such as, Ebay, Amazon and other big book sellers online. It could both be a physical book you can buy/order or a e-book, that you keep on your electronic device. There’s also student bookstores on university campus that provides textbook and material for students. Another kind of bookstore is second hand bookstores that sell used books that is both in and out of print, many book collectors tend to buy their books in second hand book stores. Since the spread of christianity and other religions, there was naturally a great demand for copies of gospel and other sacred books which became a way to sell books. The modern bookselling system started after printing was invented and therefore it became more affordable than before, when it had to be handwritten.

There are many bookstores around the world and here are a few interesting and big bookstores around the world: Powell’s Book Store in Portland, Oregano with 1.6 acres of retail sales floor, and over 1 million books. Then there’s Cook & Book in Brussels, Belgium and has a large selection of books but also a restaurant to enjoy a meal or a glass of wine in the music section. Another bookstore that offers food is The Bookworm in Beijing, China, it has a library restaurant, bar and has activities such as open mic and movie nights. A cool bookstore is Bart’s books in Ojai, California and has the worlds largest outside bookstore, here you pick the books you want and leave money in a box. John K. King Rare and Used Books, Detroit, Michigan, is old-fashioned and no computers to browse your books, so be ready to spend the whole day searching.
Here is what people search on Google, that will give you some tips about reading books
-search for half price books
-join a book club? do not read,
-just listen to audio books!
Good luck in your book search!

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