Delete Browser History

Clearing up browser history is a way to keep your privacy private and it also frees up disk space on your computer. Once you’ve deleted the browser history it cannot be recovered.

To clear browser history in Safari (Mac) open a browser window. Go to history on the top left menu-bar, there you have the option to reopen windows from the last session and last closed tabs. To clear all history click on clear history, chose to clear all history. You can also chose to clear history from yesterday, today or last hour.
To clear your browser history on an iPhone/iPad, safari, open a tab, on the bottom bar tap on the icon that looks like an open book, then tap the clock icon at the top to view all the browser history. To clear it tap on clear, at the bottom to the right. Now!
To clear browser history in Chrome click the menu, choose more tools, then on clear browsing data, choose what data you’d like to clear when your done click clear data.
To clear browser history in chrome on phone/tablet, open the browser, tap menu (three dots), tap history, tap clear browsing data at the bottom, select everything you’d like to clear and then tap clear.

To clear browsing history in Microsoft Edge, easiest to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H, click clear history select the data you’d like to clear, for more options click Show more, to clear the data click clear.

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