Enable Cookies

The tradition might or might not be holding true in the current generation but much to the likes and dislikes of internet users like you and me, ‘Cookies’ have followed us into the World Wide Web as well serving their purpose as the conversational ice-breakers for any digital interaction between a website interface and the user.

If you ask us what are internet cookies, we can tell you that a cookie is nothing but a miniscule packet of data or code communication that the website sends to the device of the user to record user behavior and interactions on the website from the user’s device or internet channels.
Several websites require a user to enable the cookies so as to provide the best possible service or offerings based upon past behavior and interactions from similar interest groups online. How to enable cookies? Well, that’s not hard if you follow the steps as below based upon the type of browser you use.
➢ Internet Explorer: If your browser is the old-times’ pal Internet Explorer, you can enable internet cookies easily. 1. Click ‘Tools’ or watch out for a gear at the very top of the window. 2. Click on ‘Internet Options’. 3. Click on ‘Privacy’ 4. Select ‘Advanced’ button on the drop-down menu. 5. Check or Tick mark ‘override automatic cookie handling’ if unchecked. 6. Third party and first, cookies need to be set as ‘Accept’. 7. Tick or check ‘Always allow session Cookies’. 8. You are all set to go. Restart your browser. ➢ Mozilla Firefox: If Mozilla Firefox is what gets you, your browsing kick then enable cookies by following the steps mention below. 1. First things first, click on the ‘Menu’ or the button with three horizontal parallel lines. 2. Click on ‘Options’. 3. From the drop-down menu select ‘Privacy & Security’.
4. Watch out for the ‘Cookies and Site Data’ selection and check the box that says, ‘Accept cookies and site data from websites (recommended)’. Safari: If you belong to the posh strata of the society, its highly likely you use a Safari browser on your high-end Apple device. Enable internet cookies by following the steps below. 1. Find ‘Preferences’ in the ‘Safari’ menu. 2. Click on ‘Privacy’. 3. Watch out for the ‘Cookies and website data’ menu. 4. Click on ‘Always allow’. ➢ Chrome: Chrome by Google is the easiest and the handiest browser ever to be blessed upon mankind. Want to know how to enable cookies in Chrome? Easier followed the steps as mentioned below. 1. Watch out for three dots on the right-hand corner of the browsing window just below the red cross button that closes the browser. That’s the ‘Menu’. 2. Click on ‘Settings’ on the drop-down menu. 3. Click on ‘Advanced’ and select the ‘Privacy and Security’ section. 4. Click on ‘Content Settings’. 5. Select ‘Cookies’, and move the slider to ‘Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)’.
If you suddenly forget about the steps given in this particular article you can always check out for the ‘Help’ section in each browser and search for sections dedicated to ‘How to enable internet cookies?’ You will always find what you are looking for. Got a cookie?