Hair Extensions

Hair extensions has come a long way, they look natural, better quality, they come in all colors, forms and sizes. There are hair extensions in synthetic and human hair, choosing real hair is always better for the best quality. Synthetic hair can look unnatural and are generally cheaper, but is a better option for clip-ins, only worn on special occasions. The prize varies widely depending on the type of hair extension, length, color etc. Hair extensions are for everyone, for those who want fuller, longer hair, growing out a bob, want to try a new hairstyle or new hair color. To choose the right hair extension discuss with your hairdresser.

There are different types of hair extensions such as clip-in, tape-in, glue-in, weave (sew-in), micro-link. Clip-in are the easiest extensions to use, they simply clip on to the hair. When applying them to the hair tease your roots to make sure the extensions will stay. These extensions are temporary, they can be taken on and off at the end of a day, they’re also reusable and are the least damaging compared to other hair extension methods.

Tape-in is semi-permanent and last 6-8 weeks. These hair extensions are taped with bioadhesive tape on small sections on the hair. Sweat and oils can cause the tape to loosen such as sweaty workouts and hot yoga. Make sure to shampoo regularly, use dry shampoo during workouts to soak up the oils and do not condition your roots as that could loosen the tape.

Micro-link is permanent and can be worn for months continuously with touch ups every three months or so. These extensions have links, your natural hair gets pulled through it and then clamped down to secure each extension. As long as a professional is doing your hair it should not damage your hair too much. These extensions look very natural and blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

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