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Information Technology has become one of the most dynamic and rapidly advancing fields of science from past few decades.

Man of early 20th century never thought of technological gadgets and devices that have been invented nowadays. On this amazing journey of inventions and discoveries, finally the time has come for one of the most amazing inventions; yes, I am talking about gesture control system and holograms.

Before this voice control and voice command had already given digital ears to many devices. But now it seems that devices are going to have digital eyes as well.
An Israeli Startup EyeSight Technologies was reported investing and working to introduce the gestures in mobile phones and even dropped the project due to insufficient success. But recently EyeSight Technologies started the project with Sony a Japanese electronics company and announced the interactive portable projector called Xperia Touch. This projector not only projects the images on some surface but can turn any flat surface int an interactive touch and gesture monitoring system. Xperia Touch is interactive in a way because it is going to sense the gestures of the person using it. Xperia Touch projects the image on the wall and monitors the gestures of the projector user with infrared radiations.
Some of the specifications of this amazing projector are given as:
• It is Compact, lightweight, and mobile short-throw laser projector displays large images (23” to 80”) on any flat surface at 1336×768 resolution, Brightness-100 lumens
• It provides smooth 10-point multi-touch interaction using a smart IR sensor and camera with 60 fps refresh rate. Android 6.0 and easy accessibility to a variety of Google apps and services.
• It has pretty simplified and attractive projector UI with high contrast for clear visibility and tons of useful applications.
• It has a 13MP camera with built-in microphone and quality stereo speakers for clear video call conversations and audio
• Provides a wired and wireless connection options include BT, NFC, WIFI, HDMI, and USB Type C. 1300mAh battery for up to one hour of use. 32GB built-in memory with expandable memory micro SD slot.
Xperia Touch has found the solution to gesture touch but still, it is not quite a natural solution to incorporate in heavy use.
EyeShight technologies are working on a natural solution to this. The focus of these companies is particularly on entertaining the cars for gesture control to make them more secure, safe and easy to drive. It is said that car’s dashboards will be equipped with this technology to sense hand positions, hand movements, keep track of eye movement. EyeSight Technologies is intended to introduce this feature in cars by 2020. Chief Executive of EyeSight Technologies says that:

“With your finger, you can do a small circular motion to the right or left to turn the volume up and down,” he said. You could flash one finger to call home, two fingers to call your office or hold your palm flat to answer an incoming call”.

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