MakeUp Mirror

Makeup Mirrors

When you do your makeup in a normal light the makeup can end up being uneven, not blended enough too dark or too light. The best light for applying makeup is in natural daylight but sometimes its dark outside so the next best thing is to use a Makeup/Vanity mirror. Makeup mirror is a mirror with built in light bulbs around a mirror. Led light doesn’t give out warmth like some other bulbs and they are the most energy efficient. Led gives a bright light that isn’t too harsh on the eyes. With the right light you can blend and match colors to your skin tone without it looking bad when you go outside.

There are so many different options of vanity mirrors that it can be hard to chose from. There are portable small mirrors, big mirror mounted on the wall, or a mirror with a suction cup that is perfect for the bathroom. If you have a makeup vanity, a place you always apply your makeup and skincare a big mirror above is a good option and maybe also have a smaller mirror for a close up.

Tips for choosing the right makeup mirror for you.

Consider what type of mirror will suit your home and what kind of mirror aesthetic will match your decor and style.
Some need a magnifier and for some it’s not as important.
Dimmable light to adjust the brightness for your needs.
Other additional features like anti-fog or a built in phone charger are a must have for some and its very convenient.

Can you get a makeup mirror for free?

Probably not, but you get can a quality mirror cheap and affordable.

Where to buy?

Boots, Amazon, Bestbuy and Ulta from well known and trusted stores

Where not to buy a makeup mirror?

Aliexpress and other chinese shopping sites.

For best price on a vanity mirror or any other type of make up mirrors

Always check if they have any discount code or use price comparison and don´t forget to check what type of shipping they offer and when you will receive your desired mirror.