Math Worksheets

We all know worksheets are used by many students in school especially in math as it’s most often used in math classes, like algebra, diagrams, multiplication.

These worksheets usually contain math problems and exercises for the students to answer. There’s also worksheets for example, handwriting, and many have quite split opinions about worksheets either people like it and think it’s good for children’s education or for others it’s bad and they don’t believe it helps children to improve their skills and for most people, worksheets should be used occasionally.

What most peoples opinions are on, why math worksheets are bad is first of all that worksheets tend to encourage students to answer and solve math questions blindly without knowing “why” they’re doing it and if these math problems would have been slightly altered students wouldn’t know how to solve the problem because they haven’t learned why they’re doing what their doing. Second of all; to listen to a teacher explain a concept and then right away making students work on worksheets and only learn based on what they heard is not very effective. And when doing worksheets students are working in isolation and it is much better to discuss and engage students with each other to learn more and more effectively. lastly, for younger children, it can very boring and it can dampen their enthusiasm for learning. Most people also think that worksheets do not teach but rather a way to check how much the students know. Many think that hands-on learning, benefits all learning styles and refines their problem-solving skills and helps improve their critical thinking.

What some people think is good about worksheets are that worksheets are good for example; when the students already have explored the concept behind multiplication and then practice a little bit on a worksheet, it can be helpful for additional practice. And some do believe that worksheets do teach students/children and that it’s a good way to see how much the students know about the topic.

As you can see there are many opinions about worksheets in general, one opinion could be considered good for one person and for another, bad. Some opinions as, if its fun or boring really depends on how the worksheets are designed and from child to child, some think it’s fun and some don’t, its the same with, if worksheets teach or not, really depends on how the worksheets are designed, if a worksheet is designed in a way that it has an end goal to teach something then why would that be a bad thing? It’s not often something is black and white like the opinion of worksheets, where most can agree that too much of something is usually not good, but using worksheets occasionally is often a good way to go.

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