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How to open a new tab in Safari
On a busy day, when most of your work is to be done on a computer, you’d prefer to do it quickly. Also it gets convenient when you keep separate tabs open on your browser to look into different topics simultaneously.

Research work requires reading different topics on the web online and referring one to the other for a smooth work. This is where tabs are useful. All your information would be right in front of you to get your work completed easily and quickly.
How to open a new tab in Safari?
There are a few ways and keyboard shortcuts to open a new tab in Safari. Let’s have a look at those.
 Simply double clicking the empty space in the Tab Bar to the right of an open tab will open a new tab in Safari.  Command + T  Control + Click the empty space to the right of your tab and Selecting New Tab  Clicking on the + sign at the far end of the Tab bar.  Control + Click a URL and Selecting “Open in New Tab option”  Command + Click a URL
On an iPhone, opening a new tab gets easier. Let’s check out the ways.
 3D touch Safari Icon: Touch the Safari Icon. This will show you several quick actions. Select the “New Tab” option. A new tab opens and you’re now good to go. This works only on iPhone that support 3D touch.  Long Press the Tab Switcher: If your phone doesn’t support 3D touch, you can always use the Tb Switcher to open a new tab. It is located on the bottom right most corner of the Toolbar. Long press it to view the options. Tap on the “New Tab” Button. Your New Tab opens.

How to open new tab in chrome?
It is very much similar to safari.
Open a new tab. At the top of your chrome browser window, next to the last tab on the right, click the “+” New tab button . You can also press keyboard shortcut: Windows & Linux: Ctrl + t
Hope you learned to open new tab in browser through this tutorial!

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