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What is waste management?
The term waste management is used to describe the collective process of collecting, transporting, disposing of, recycling and monitoring of waste that the authority collects from the domestic, public and industrial areas. It includes all kinds of scraps, from sewerage waste to the domestic wastes that we dispose on a daily basis in the garbage disposal bins.

The management system is devised to reduce the impact of the waste on the environment. When we talk about the situation, we are talking about all animals, plant, humans and other natural elements in the atmosphere. The process involves managing all forms of waste materials; solid, liquid and gases.
Waste management systems vary in different areas. In the urban and the domestic rural regions, the government looks after the waste management system. Various dumpster rental companies help the government in managing the waste materials where on the other hand when we look at the industrial area, the industries are required to maintain their wastes by themselves provided that the waste material is non-hazardous.
Different methods of dumping waste
Various ways are used to dispose of that waste that is collected by the junk removal teams in the city. The technique that is used to dispose of the waste depends on the type or the form of matter that is to be disposed of so let us look at some of the conventional waste disposal methods.
1. Landfill
Landfill sites are the places around the city that are deserted and vacant for years and can’t be used for vegetation or other purposes. The seats are far away from the city, and the garage that is collected from your homes is buried there. It is considered as the most common way of disposing waste around the globe.
2. Incineration
The incineration method of waste disposal is used to convert the waste material into gas, steam, heat, and ashes with the help of high thermal temperature in a sort of machine. This method is used by countries that do not possess empty lands that can be used as landfill sites.
3. Recycling
Certain materials are separated from the waste because they can be used again. The process of using the same stuff over and over again is called recycling. During recycling either the product is used still or it is turned back into its raw form and is converted again into the same or different material.
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