Daily Shopping Mistakes

The Internet has amazingly changed the shopping behaviors and techniques of doing things in almost every field of life.

Where everything is getting online, businesses and trading companies have also started to use the Internet in order to reach more customers and increase the revenue. Advancement and ease of E-commerce have incredibly changed and enhanced the techniques of doing business.
Online shopping is a B2C or Business to Consumer Ecommerce and defines a process where clients, customers or consumers directly buy goods or services from businesses.

Online shopping has become a vital tool for many manufacturers and store owners in order to maximize the profit and generate more revenue. These online shopping sites include eBay and Amazon that are using the technology in order to reach the customer and fulfill their needs.
Where online shopping has helped out many businesses to reach the customers and fulfill their needs, it has created much ease on the customer’s end as well. Customers are not needed to go out to the markets anymore, all they have to do is to visit one of the online shopping websites and place the order and everything is going to be delivered to their doorsteps.
Such ease of online shopping is definitely amazing but there are some mistakes that many online shoppers do make. These mistakes may cost customers a lot and even create a headache.
One of these mistakes is use of debit card over the credit card. This might seem strange for a while, but it is quite logical and worth knowing. First of all, people never check the security of the site they are shopping from or the network they are using for online shopping. Many people use public networks for online shopping which raises dangerous security issues. Shopping without taking proper security measure produce more opportunities for hackers. So while shopping at an unsecured network using the debit card, increase the chances that a hacker intercepts the financial transactions and steal away all of your personal bank account records and money as well. Therefore, in order to avoid this risk, it is highly recommended to use a credit card with low-limits.
The benefit of using a credit card is that even if your account gets compromised, you can call your credit card provider and inform about the hacked account.

Moreover, one should use a credit card with low-limits so that hacker may not cause big damages to the victim. Using credit cards save your identity, account information, financial transaction records and most importantly, it saves your money from being stolen.

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